Super Bowl Schmuper Bowl

Hello! Well! We had an excellent night, tonight, despite it being the Super Bowl. (I tell you, checking social media afterward, I think it’s pretty clear we all had a better time.) This is video of the group after the beginner and advanced classes had merged for a little “beat n greet”.

Of particular note is the fact that we had an advanced class at all, thanks to the return of John Arden, a founding member of Knight Club and our new Tano-class instructor, who will be sharing with us his many years of experience in Eskrima twice a month. John, we are very grateful to have you back with us!

In other news, David Walker, our up and coming Tyrant-class instructor, finished his league play tonight with a record or 4-0. Well done, David! Meanwhile, two of our newest ladies, Erin and Vanessa, each scored 2 and 1 tonight in the Chiss League. Great job ladies. Looking forward to see where you go from here.