The relaunch of league play on Thursday night was a stunning success, with eight competitors in attendance and 16 matches for the evening. Competitors fought to 15 points with a maximum of 4 minutes total fight time. Everyone alternated between fighting and reffing, so they all had an opportunity to practice the new rules system. A few reffing guidelines will be coming down the pipeline.

Klaus McCain and Cang Snow alternated between dual and single wield, both gaining a few wins with the alternate weapon setup. But it was Rob Chan with his Rey-saber who ruled the day with a record of 5-0. Well done, Rob!

Here are the results from March 21st:

5-0 Rob Chan
4-1 Cang Snow
3-2 Jacob Chappelle
1-3 Patricia Bauler
1-3 Daniel Delgado
1-2 Klaus McCain
1-2 Jacob Areias
0-3 Erik Olsen

Rob, Cang, and Chappelle, split into League 2. Daniel, Areias, Trish, Klaus, and Erik split into League 1 (new entrants start at League 0).

More league play this Sunday. Come get it!

Cang Snow