We are immensely proud of our members, who fought valiantly throughout Saturday’s tournament! How do we even quantify it?

Angie Pereda fought in both the mixed and the women’s competitions, earning a win in each!

Aum Ghandi returned from India— probably jet-lagged and tired— and STILL fought through the competition!

Bea completely killed it in her qualifiers, and in her first tournament, too! Bea took second.

Brandon Nease placed 8th and was THIS CLOSE to knocking out the guy who eventually took second.

Don Ruben probably turned in the best performance of his career. The amount this guy has improved is amazing.

Jacob Areias earned his second competitive win ever!

JC Marquez rocked it with three wins in his first competition!

Jeremiah, the youngest competitor in the roster, braved people bigger and older than him, and didn’t even come in fresh (had other activities earlier in the day), but still came to fight.

Joey Nuguid fought with vigor and passion, and so did Max Whitaker.

But the big stories are about Patricia Bauler and Daniel Delgado, two of our most senior regular members in the academy. Patricia took a loss to Bea in the women’s qualifiers, but came back with a vengeance in the final, blowing out Bea 12-0. Daniel was a force to be reckoned with, using devastating floating assaults, beating back people who beat him in the qualifiers, and eventually slogging through the final match against Richard Garcia to take the 1st place medal!

Congratulations to all the competitors, all the winners, and especially to all you getting through your first comp, and thank you for helping us make it a big success!

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Cang Snow