League play happens once a week, alternating between Thursdays and Sundays, and is appropriate for fencers of all levels, including beginners, to make sure that everyone gets a chance to fight, practice, compete, and learn the refereeing system.

When you fight in Academic League, you will earn a “GPA”, calculated based on your win percentage and your participation. Each day, your current GPA will determine which pool of fencers you will be placed with. Lower tier fencers are grouped together, and higher tier fencers are grouped together. This does not mean you will never fence a higher or lower tier fencer, but most of your opponents will be at an equivalent level to yourself. This ensures you will always be challenged but not unreasonably or unfairly. As you improve, your GPA will rise, and you will have the opportunity to “graduate” into the next tier.

We have certain conventions during league bouting, the main one being that, after you fight, you always referee the next match. After you referee, you can fight again. This does not work out perfectly at all times, but it is a reasonable way to make sure that everyone gets enough action for the evening.


Your fencer profile and records page is included with academy membership, however you are expected to own at least one of each of the followings things:

  1. A Lightspeed blade adapter

  2. A Lightspeed blade

  3. A Lightspeed jersey or jacket

  4. A pair of elbow guards

All Lightspeed equipment and apparel can be purchased through the academy (just ask) or from Lightspeed Saber League. Elbow guards can be purchased from any sporting goods store.