Come try Lightspeed-saber fencing® for free at Lightspeed Saber Academy. This is an exciting, showy new sport that is fast and intense. Prepare to sweat, feel the burn, and maybe get (and give) a bruise or two. This is NOT just traditional fencing but with "lightsabers". It is a totally unique discipline demanding skill, speed, agility, and strategy, with ZERO choreography. This is as real as you can possibly get.

Whether you are a total beginner or you have prior weapon/fencing experience, this is a great opportunity to try this emerging new take on fencing. Equipment is provided. Recommended ages 10 and up.

Class is free. But if you'd like to support us, a donation of $10 will be appreciated.

Please bring water and wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can sweat and move around in. If you have your own fencing mask and/or lightsaber, you are welcome to bring those.
You are going to get hit with "lightsabers" made of a durable plastic. You may get a few bruises. Wearing safety equipment and signing the liability waiver is MANDATORY.

Cang Snow